facial massage therapist + makeup artist



Tuong-Vi Giang

I'm a Licensed Facial Massage Therapist and Certified Makeup Artist based in NYC, focused on the science of facial massages for healthcare and beauty. Additionally, I specialize in fashion/beauty editorial and advertorial makeup that is safe and minimal.

At a young age, I knew I wanted to make others look and feel their best. My cultural upbringing molded me to appreciate Ancient Eastern Medicine, which inspired me to pursue a career in wellness after leaving my weary years of corporate fashion behind to search for meaningful work. It was through my fascination with the human anatomy and visual arts that inspired me to develop an integrative approach to health and beauty. 

I'm currently traveling to research unique practices that align with my mission to bring back and share with those in need.  So far, I've traveled to South Korea, Japan, France and more. I've had the privilege of studying notable techniques in these countries with Masters in skincare and massage. Follow my journey on Instagram and see where I'm currently located.