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We are all aware that no two individuals are alike, which also transfers into the understanding that no two skin constitutions are either. I believe that the skin is a large web of interconnected networks and we each have our own versions. Therefore, what works for one person may not work for the next. As simple as this philosophy may seem, scientists are still working towards a better understanding of the delicate complexities of the skin and body. I’ve had the opportunity to study with masters in skincare and am still currently traveling the world to learn more about ancient practices in different countries. I’ve dug deep into this subject of caring for the skin and have developed a modern approach to beautiful, healthy skin.

My skincare approach stems from my Vietnamese heritage, where my parents enlightened me with the knowledge of ancient traditional healing otherwise known as, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine (TVM). Influenced by my upbringing as a Vietnamese-born daughter, and immigrating to the United States; my Mother and Father continued to raise me in a very authentic Asian household, making sure I understood and honored my cultural roots. At the early age of 7, I started practicing TVM with my parents. They showed me how to treat pain and illness through millennia-old folk medicine. I’ve been hooked ever since.


This is my mantra for every treatment and overall as a therapist:
“I’m not a teacher or guru; I’m simply here to learn, share and guide.”

Think of me as a friend on a special skincare journey. Someone who wants to share personal and professional testimonies on skincare and beauty. Someone with a deep interest in the science of the body, its connection to the skin and how it, therefore, translates into the physical appearance. Someone continually seeking education, researching new information and staying up to date with modern techniques. My strong foundation gives me the ability to guide others who need additional support. So, in other words: I will aid you in discovering the power to heal your own skin, but only you can truly heal yourself.


*Facial Massage Therapy*

Channeling ancient techniques from TVM, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and advanced face massages developed all over the world, my craftsmanship is a uniquely combined artistry on its own. Differing from a traditional American facial found at a spa -- massage is an essential component and comprises most of the skincare session. Additionally, I’ve taken everything I’ve studied and practiced to design a modern approach for the contemporary man/woman today. All treatments are completely customized and tailored to the receiver’s current skin needs, lasting about 90 mins., inclusive of any or all of the following as needed:

+ Consultation for initial visit (please add 30 mins. to treatment time)
+ Gentle or deep cleansing massage with warm herbal compresses
+ Soothing and all-natural plant exfoliation for rejuvenation and brightening
+ Light extractions to relieve the skin of any excess toxins
+ Deep hydration with the use of elixirs and hydrosols, moisturizing from within
+ Active herb-based mask used to strengthen, heal, and refine
+ Advanced face, neck and shoulder massage specific to receiver’s constitution

*All treatments are supported by only biodynamically farmed whole plant skin care products -- completely organic, raw, unrefined, non-toxic, and sustainable.
*All treatments include post-care instructions for receivers to practice at home.

90 mins., $200

*Online Self-care Guidance*

Coming soon on Jan. 1


Whether your goal is to reduce wrinkles or maintain the health of the skin, you'll see fine results. My treatments are tailored to support the internal ecosystem; meaning that I treat what’s deep underneath the skin all the way to the surface of the epidermis. My work combined with nourishing skincare products and post-care practice will be the tools to achieve all skin goals. Depending on the status of the receiver’s skin condition, results may take more time to appear than others, however, I guarantee that results are visible after your initial visit.

Our bodies are remarkable vessels that can naturally heal and maintain themselves. Our jobs are to support our body’s functions to do so. This is why self-care is so important--skin, like our bodies, won’t thrive if we don’t feed and nurture it. With every treatment, customized post-care instructions will be sent home with the receiver, so that he/she can continue the work. Daily caring interactions with your skin will further benefit it after getting a treatment. Again, only you can heal your skin, I’m just here to guide you. Click here to view skincare services.


I’m currently traveling to study new and exciting things about the skin. If you’re interested in receiving a treatment with me, please check my Instagram to see if I’m in your city. If I’m nearby, please send me an Email at vi@tuongvigiang.com and I will get back to you within 24 hrs. *If you’re from NYC (my home base), feel free to shoot me an Email or direct message me on Instagram.