facial massage therapist + makeup artist



*Facial Massage Therapy*

Channeling ancient techniques from TVM, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and advanced face massages developed all over the world, my craftsmanship is a uniquely combined artistry on its own. Differing from a traditional American facial found at a spa -- massage is an essential component and comprises most of the skincare session. Additionally, I’ve taken everything I’ve studied and practiced to design a modern approach for the contemporary man/woman today. All treatments are completely customized and tailored to the receiver’s current skin needs, lasting about 90 mins., inclusive of any or all of the following as needed:

+ Consultation for initial visit (please add 30 mins. to treatment time)
+ Gentle or deep cleansing massage with warm herbal compresses
+ Soothing and all-natural plant exfoliation for rejuvenation and brightening
+ Light extractions to relieve the skin of any excess toxins
+ Deep hydration with the use of elixirs and hydrosols, moisturizing from within
+ Active herb-based mask used to strengthen, heal, and refine
+ Advanced face, neck and shoulder massage specific to receiver’s constitution

*All treatments are supported by only biodynamically farmed whole plant skin care products -- completely organic, raw, unrefined, non-toxic, and sustainable.
*All treatments include post-care instructions for receivers to practice at home.

90 mins., $200

*Online Self-care Guidance*




I’m currently traveling to study new and exciting things about the skin. If you’re interested in receiving a treatment with me, please check my Instagram to see if I’m in your city. If I’m nearby, please send me an Email at vi@tuongvigiang.com and I will get back to you within 24 hrs. *If you’re from NYC (my home base), feel free to shoot me an Email or direct message me on Instagram.