Tuong-Vi Giang, L.E.


Sounds like “tongue-vee yang”.

I am a facial massage therapist, skincare specialist and makeup artist from New York City, with a focus on biochemical processes of the skin. Addititonally, I am a certified Facial Lymph Therapist, Dien Chan Facial Reflexologist, and Epidermologist. I specialize in advanced facial massages and Vietnamese facial reflexology to provide a safe, holistic and non-invasive alternative for relaxation and healthy skin. My philosophy for skincare is simply bring awareness to oneself and supporting the skin’s complex functions.

After overcoming bipolar disorder, I realized that good mental health is imperative to my life. My family’s healthcare struggles, along with my mental health awareness have inspired me to help others through my love of skin health and mindfulness practices. Years later, as a New York State licensed esthetician working in Manhattan, I was given a rare opportunity to travel the world. I boldly seized this opportunity and learned a wealth of unique techniques in over seven different countries.

During my travels, I was lucky enough to study in Paris with world-renowned facialist, Joëlle Cioccio. There, I received training and practice of Madame Cioccio's sustainable approach to respecting the skin’s ecosystem as well as her carefully examined knowledge of the epidermis.

Along the way, I traveled to my birth country of Vietnam, where I met Bui Quoc Chau, a noted professor and acupuncturist. He taught me the art of facial reflexology - a skillful manipulation of points in the face linked to body organs. I had the privilege of treating Vietnamese locals in Saigon with a wide-range of physical ailments and skin conditions.

As part of my continuing education, I practiced mindfulness with sisters of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist as well as advisor to Martin Luther King Jr. At the monastery, I lived, worked and meditated with the beloved nuns and monks from around the globe. I was lucky to closely practice mindfulness and study the deep roots of meditation and spirituality.

Currently, I reside and work in Honolulu, Hawaii from my studio located in downtown/kakaako.