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Matsa Mat - Advanced

Matsa Mat (Advanced) is a stress-relieving technique that’s purposeful and condition-targeted massaging of the skin tissues to support, nourish and energize skin cells for analgesic healing and rejuvenation. This treatment is a combination of world-wide techniques I’ve accumulated abroad along with my very own developed artistry. In addition to being a very thorough exercise for the facial muscles, this unconventional treatment is an alternative option to medical spa treatments and surgical cosmetics. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, a very thorough scan of any current skin concerns allows for an honest reflection of the nervous system—bringing total awareness to the mental state and self.

It begins with a gentle cleanse using safe plant-based products followed by an examination of the epidermis, facial muscles and any local tension. The majority of the treatment will follow with customized and prescribed massage modalities based on your concerns: Parisian buccal (intraoral) massage, Vietnamese facial reflexology (Dien Chan), warm Thai compress massage using luk pra kob, gentle South Korean ‘V-line’ massage, Chinese facial jade gua sha and cupping, Ayurvedic myofascial release, and many more. After the nervous system has rested during the facial massage and skin fascia has been released, herbs are carefully placed on the skin for full nourishment and support.

*Completed in-depth consultation form required before first-time visit.

$225 - $375 (tax not included)
1 hr. 30 mins. - 1 hr. 45 mins.

Matsa Mat - Sustainable

Similar to the Matsa Mat (Advanced), this treatment is solely focused on facial massage and stress relief. However, it’s for the purpose of general maintenance of skin health — a daily exercise for the face — and not as targeted towards problematic conditions. After preparing the epidermis for the massage with a safe plant-based cleanse, an examination of the skin membrane takes place to address any current concerns. A deep relaxing manual facial massage is then performed to create circulation of blood and lymph to support the skin and body to do what it does best — heal itself and decongest the skin; leaving you feeling and looking refreshed. Lastly is the application of herbal hydrosols and balms to the skin for nourishment of facial muscles after massage.

$150 (tax not included)
1 hr. - 1 hr. 15 mins.
*30 mins. added for first-time consultations

Rua Mat - Advanced

Deeply rooted in Parisian cult facialist, Joëlle Ciocco, her celebrated skincare techniques and philosophies have brought about a facial treatment like none you’ve ever had. First of all, each step of the process is so thorough, that a prior consultation is required (scheduled separately) before your first visit to get to know you and your skin as a whole. Second of all, this facial is completely targeted towards the skin’s conditions (acne, dehydration, inflammation) to organically repair damage and rebuild healthy new skin in a safe manner that doesn’t harm the skin’s flora or natural functions.

The actual treatment consists of a very comprehensive examination of all the layers of your skin, your skin’s pH and what your skin memory holds. Then, gentle triple cleansing (exfoliation included) takes place to remove pollutants, dead skin and other unwanted matter. Whole extracts and pure minerals imported from Paris are intentionally selected for skin repair and nutrition. A relaxing massage is included to create movement for cell turnover and removal of toxic waste. Extractions may or may not be necessary, depending on the condition and age of the blemish. A penetrative mask is then placed on the skin, nourishing each skin follicle and preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL or TWL) so that the skin remains moisturized, plump and full. An optional non-invasive facial sculpting massage may be included to lift and sculpt the face for total rejuvenation. Lastly, yummy organic serums and moisturizers are massaged into the skin for maximum absorption and environmental protection. Overall, this is a clear well-thought- out plan to help heal skin conditions for optimal enveloping skin.

*Prior consultation required for first-time visits: $75 (tax not included).

$365 - $450 (tax not included)
1 hr. 30 mins. - 2 hrs.

Rua Mat - Sustainable

The junior version of the Rua Mat (Advanced), which it mirrors to focus on the skin’s biochemistry with external and internal factors, this treatment aims to provide and retain renewable cell activity in the epidermis for absolutely beautiful and radiant skin. Like the Advanced treatment, the skin habitat is meticulously taken into account in every session to help us (you and I) understand what the skin and body needs to perform its best. Personalized herbal hydrosols and quality ingredients are used throughout the treatment for cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Extractions will be deemed at my discretion for the health of skin composition. A relaxing massage will follow and end with rich serums and balms for proper skin immunity defense.

$150 (tax not included)
1 hr. - 1 hr. 15 mins.
*30 mins. consultation added for first-time visits.

Dien Chan - Vietnamese Facial Reflexology

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