Tuong-Vi Giang, L.E.

Rua Mat -
Skin Balance For Hawai‘i Locals

Recommended for:
Mild skin issues, Unbalanced skin, Maintenance, Stress, Basic lymphatic drainage

An efficient skin tune-up created for kama‘aina looking to achieve simple balance for the skin. It’s a ‘no frills’ facial massage intended to nourish the skin and promote microcirculation using medicinal Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and local herbs. The goal is to bring energy back to the skin and mind.

70% cleansing + nourishing with TCM herbs
30% relaxing massage of face and upper body
+ energy balancing + relaxation
+ skin pH + microflora balancing

45 mins. | $75

Mat Xa Mat -
Advanced Facial Massage For Healing

Recommended for:
Deep skin issues, Deep Relaxation, Stress, Natural face lifting, Maintenance, Post-Botox/Fillers/Surgical procedures, Facial trauma or bruising, Swollen lymph nodes in facial area, Pregnancy, Deep skin pH + microflora imbalance

An advanced, intuitive healing session for the skin and mind. Starting with a thorough skin health analysis, this treatment is fully customized to your skin and comfort level. Focusing on East Asian therapies and advanced facial massage techniques I’ve studied in over seven countries, this treatment digs deep to identify your true beauty. The purpose is to relieve rooted skin issues and mental distress as well as clarity in your beauty journey. You’ll find yourself in a meditative rest while your skin heals externally and internally.

80% advanced massage of face and upper body
20% nourish with whole, medicinal TCM herbs
+ deep energy balancing + deep relaxation
+ skin pH + microflora balancing

75 mins. | $165
120 mins. | $245