Tuong-Vi Giang, L.E.

Matsa Mat - Advanced Facial Massage

An advanced skin treatment that’s fully customized to your skin. For the purpose of relieving uncomfortable conditions and stress, as well as being an alternative to botox and face lifts. Using only my hands, non-invasive tools and ingredients safe for our bodies (as well as the environment and ocean), I creatively blend a combination of ancient and modern techniques I’ve studied in over 7 countries to intuitively care for your skin. Inflammation will be carefully addressed and properly drained to aide any disorders of the skin. Based on your skin concerns and needs, one or more of the following massage modalities will be chosen: Parisian buccal (intraoral) massage by Joëlle Ciocco, Vietnamese facial reflexology (Dien Chan), warm Thai compress massage, gentle South Korean ‘V-line’ massage, Chinese facial jade gua sha and cupping, Ayurvedic myofascial release, and many more. With updated science in mind and holistic practices at hand, this treatment is committed to supporting the healing processes of the mind and skin. Organically repairing damage and rebuilding healthy cells in a safe manner that doesn’t harm skin’s microbial flora and its cell functions.

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It consists of a thorough consultation, careful analyzing and cleaning of the skin, intentional facial massage and remedying of the skin (with herbal nutrition and warm compresses)—all products and techniques specially customized for your skin. Beginning with a very comprehensive examination, we’ll both explore your skin genetics, conditions and any local tensions. Then, gentle triple cleansing takes place to remove pollutants, dead skin and other unwanted matter. Whole extracts and plants are intentionally selected for skin repair and nutrition.

A relaxing massage (the majority of the treatment) will create movement for cell turnover and removal of toxic waste. Additionally, the massage will specifically guide your skin to successful healing that will continue to show results weeks after your treatment. Extractions may or may not be necessary, depending on the condition and age of the blemish. Then, a penetrative mask is then placed on the skin, nourishing each skin follicle and reducing transepidermal water loss, so that the skin remains moisturized, plump and full. Lastly, yummy botanical serums and moisturizers are massaged into the skin for maximum absorption and environmental protection. Overall, this is a clear well-thought- out plan to help calm skin conditions for optimal enveloping skin all while you take the time to rest and rejuvenate.

1 hr. 15 mins. | $165
1 hr. 45 mins. | $245